PETTORALI N.1 | Cortina 2021

Works and design by Francesca Romana Ghezze


“Pettorali N.1 – Cortina 2021” (Bibs No. 1 – Cortina 2021) is a collection of two paintings which celebrate the worlds of sports and alpine skiing and all those who will take part in the World Ski Championships – not only the champions, but also the institutions, the workforce, the trainers and all those who contribute to the organisation of this international event.

The aim of this project is to preserve the memory of an international event, celebrate a sports success and combine the worlds of art and sport.

All the athletes who will stand on the top step of the podium, making their mark in the history of alpine skiing, will sign the two paintings. After the World Championships, one painting will be given to the institutions, while the other will enter the world of private art and sports collections.


Collection: Pettorali N.1 – Cortina 2021

Works: 2 nearly identical, white and brown

Medium and support: tempera and acrylics on wood

Dimensions: 105 x 105 x 1 cm

Artist: Francesca Romana Ghezze


Fondazione Cortina 2021
Fondazione Cortina 2021
Pettorale Cortina 2021 by Francesca Ghezze
Fondazione Cortina 2021
Fondazione Cortina 2021