From 6th to 8th December Cortina will host the event that opens the winter season; on this occasion, Fondazione Cortina 2021 will promote the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals scheduled for March 2020 and the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships to be held in February 2021

 Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 6th December 2019 – The most glamorous three-day event in Cortina is back again: the new edition of the Cortina Fashion Weekend – the event organised by ‘Cortina for Us’ that officially opens the winter season – is just around the corner. It offers a calendar full of events which will turn Cortina into an open-air theatre on 6th,7th and 8th December. Fondazione Cortina 2021 will once again be supporting the Queen of the Dolomites during this long weekend of celebration.

The weekend kicks off on Friday 6th December at 5 p.m. with the light show “Invasioni lunari” (Moon invasions) in Piazza Dibona. Later, the ‘Conchiglia’ stage will host the official opening of the Cortina Fashion Weekend with the ribbon-cutting ceremony, at which Valerio Giacobbi – CEO of Fondazione Cortina 2021 – will be present together with the authorities.

On Saturday 7th December from 10 a.m., the Cortina 2021 mascot Corty – a red squirrel, which is the iconic symbol of the town – will be in the Faloria Ski Area, wearing the colours of the World Championships. Corty was born from the tradition and history of the Queen of the Dolomites and will be supporting the Organising Committee on the road to the 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

Later, at 11 a.m., another important event will take place: the press conference, during which the FIS Snowboard World Cup will be officially presented, followed by an aperitivo with FORST Beer, National Partner of Fondazione Cortina 2021. Like last year, FORST is helping with the organisation of this sports event, flagship of the FIS events that are leading the world of winter sports towards 2021.

On Saturday afternoon, Corty will be in the town centre: from 3.30 p.m., in fact, Cortina 2021 cute mascot will be in Corso Italia to meet fans and bystanders and take pictures with them. At 4.15 p.m. he will move to Piazza Dibona where, at 4.30 p.m., he will be officially introduced as the mascot of the 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. The mayor of Cortina d’Ampezzo Gianpietro Ghedina will play host together with the President and the CEO of Fondazione Cortina 2021, Alessandro Benetton and Valerio Giacobbi respectively, and the World Championships Ambassador Kristian Ghedina.

Later (at 5.15 p.m.) at Hotel de La Poste, Alessandro Benetton, Valerio Giacobbi and Kristian Ghedina will take the floor during the press conference of Audi, main sponsor of Fondazione Cortina. On this occasion, they will talk about the projects in the local area with a focus on sustainable mobility, of which Cortina 2021 is at the forefront (event for the press only).

On Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Cortina 2021 Lounge there will also be the presentation of Šfarìa, the new perfume inspired by the World Championships and created by Acca Kappa in collaboration with Cortina 2021. In Ampezzan Ladin, the language spoken in Cortina d’Ampezzo, ‘Šfarìa’ means snow dust and this new perfume is inspired by the light snowflakes typical of powder snow: the resinous and balsamic notes of pine and fir together with the aromatic notes of mugwort make this precious perfume unique. It has been created to celebrate the Queen of the Dolomites on the occasion of Cortina 2021 and can be purchased at Marinotti’s.

The party continues in the Lounge with live music and the Cortina 2021 cocktail by Molo Pub Cortina: a special drink dedicated to the World Championships and prepared by Matteo Magri, Eddi Da Corte and Matteo Bernardi, who perfectly mixed elderberry, lemon, tonic water, 8025 Villa Laviosa gin and hibiscus flowers to create a cocktail that will be remembered in the history of the world event.

An aperitivo with Prosecco Doc, Lattebusche and FORST Beer products will also be organised at the Lounge.

During the whole day in Corso Italia and in the iconic shop La Cooperativa di Cortina, four models will present in advance the brand-new Cortina 2021 clothing which can be purchased online at or in the shop La Cooperativa di Cortina (first floor).

Last but not least, on Sunday 8th December, the mascot Corty will attend the award ceremony of the charity ski race organised by the Sci-Attori (Actors-skiers) association (Faloria at 12 p.m.).

These special events organised by Fondazione Cortina 2021 during the Cortina Fashion Weekend aim to bring the Queen of the Dolomites closer and closer to the goal of the Cortina 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. But before the World Championships, the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals next March will be the next important event in Cortina (tickets available at or on Cortina 2020 official app).