A talk about the next major sporting events in Cortina d’Ampezzo—the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals 2020 and the 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships—was held yesterday evening at Circolo della Caccia (hunting club) in Bologna. 

The talk was moderated by Beppe Boni, co-editor of the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino and member of the 2021 World Ski Championships Media Committee. Among those present were Valerio Giacobbi, CEO of Fondazione Cortina 2021, Kristian Ghedina, Fondazione Cortina 2021 Ambassador, and Lorenzo Tardini, Sales & Marketing Director of Fondazione Cortina 2021.

Innovation, investments, holidays, sport. These are only a few of the reasons why the citizens of Bologna are thrilled about the upcoming events in Cortina. But some are simply more thrilled than others—that is why Fondazione Cortina 2021 and Circolo della Caccia decided to reward six professionals who were able to bring even greater prestige to Cortina, each in their own field.

Paolo Gualandi, an entrepreneur from Bologna, recognised the potential of the Ampezzo valley when the upcoming sporting events were not even a dream yet. He invested a lot of money and threw himself heart and soul into restoring the Hotel Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa to its original splendour. Luigi Frizziero, consultant in internal medicine from 1972 to 1981 at Codivilla Hospital in Cortina (clinic of the Bologna Rizzoli Hospital), is known to have successfully opened and developed a rheumatology ward to diagnose and cure rheumatic diseases and an emergency medicine ward, both not present before he arrived. Corrado Stanzani, former local police inspector and iconic figure in Cortina, played an active role in high season in Cortina and in the collaboration between the municipalities of Bologna and Cortina from 1956 (year of the Olympics) to 1974.

Ettore Sansavini, leading light of the health care sector and Founder and President of GVM Care & Research, is a promoter and benefactor of the Codivilla Putti Hospital, a vital health care centre for both the inhabitants of Cortina and tourists. He’s devoting a lot of work and efforts to this facility. Doranna Melegari, President of Panathlon Bonobia and member of FISI Veneto, spent a lifetime in sport achieving many great results (gold medal in all alpine skiing disciplines at the Italian Ski Championships) and today considers Cortina her second home, like many other people from Bologna. And finally Flavio Roda, President of the Italian Winter Sports Federation, born in Bologna and adopted’ by Cortina.