The Japanese Association of Sake Makers, the Japanese government body delegated to the protection and promotion of the traditional Japanese drink, is Regional Partner at the 2021 FIS Alpine Ski World Championships in Cortina. In fact, in the days when Cortina competes in Japan, people get up at dawn to give life to one of the many traditions of the “Rising Sun”: the fermentation of sake, which takes place in the already cold period of year, the so-called “kan” period.

Sake occupies the same place in Japanese culture as wine does in western cultures: at the table, combined with traditional Japanese foods (but it goes very well with cheeses, meats and our cuisine!) Or together with sweets sake is a natural fermented drink with alcohol content similar to wine and with over 2,000 years of history. Sake, thanks to its exclusive characteristics, is spreading all over the world. From London to Paris to New York sake bars are born every other day and chefs and sommeliers use sake to enhance dishes and amaze their customers. Thanks to the JSS “Welcome Kit”, guests, journalists and athletes will be able, in compliance with all regulations, to discover Sake, taste it and learn about its rituals and combinations with food and Cortina’s traditional “Ampezzo cuisine”.

Cold as snow or heated with the jugs branded with the red squirrel of Cortina 2021 you will find sake at the Tofana Lounge and in selected bars in the city. For those interested in learning more or organizing a private event, the JSS European Desk will be available in Cortina for the duration of the event together with an international expert and sommelier.