“Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

In American sport, this phrase is repeated like a mantra.

Everyone uses it, at every level: coaches, technicians, commentators.

It means that only statistics are worse than lies.

Because statistics are cold numbers, which may be used to describe what you’ve achieved in your career, but they can never explain who you really were.

Ted Ligety is retiring.

He does it in Cortina during the 2021 World Championships and with him skiing says goodbye to one of the most beloved athletes in the recent history of this sport.

2 Olympic gold, 5 World Championship gold, 5 Giant Slalom World Cups do not even come close to describing the party that exploded in the stands every time the speaker announced his name.

The victories are just the cover of his story.

Few athletes achieve the feat of becoming the very image of their sport.

You say swimming and you think of Michael Phelps.

You think about golf and you say Tiger Woods.

You write Giant Slalom and exclaim Ted.

Ted Ligety, from Salt Lake City, a true citizen of the world, will forever remain among the most symbolic athletes of the White Circuit.

A modern Giant, with round curves, always in acceleration and with the most sincere smile in his face.

Good Luck Ted.

We’re gonna miss you.


Fondazione Cortina 2021
Fondazione Cortina 2021
Fondazione Cortina 2021
Fondazione Cortina 2021