The OpenCortina platform combines Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence for the efficient, intelligent and secure management of Public Works.
Thanks to Cloud and AI technology, the Alpine World Ski Championships were completed on time, with attention to sustainability, transparency and legality. A digital acceleration best practice that remains Italy’s legacy for future projects.

Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 15 February 2021 – A good practice. A model to copy. An innovative project on a world-wide basis. An example of fruitful collaboration between digital technologies and public works.

OpenCortina is the platform created thanks to the collaboration between the Special Government Commissioner for the Cortina 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships and Microsoft. It has facilitated – in compliance with all the regulations – the effective completion of all essential works for the long anticipated sports event.

OpenCortina was first promoted in 2018 by Luigi Valerio Sant’Andrea, the Commissioner at the time, and confirmed by Valerio Toniolo, who succeeded him last August. The main goal of the platform was the digital transformation of public works. Toniolo: «The introduction of the digital platform allowed us to coordinate all the parties involved – contracting authorities, designers and companies – facilitating collaboration. OpenCortina has proved to be strategic in times of the pandemic, effectively guaranteeing seamless operations».

Great satisfaction on the part of Microsoft, for the strategic importance of the project, as expressed by Silvia Candiani, CEO of Microsoft Italy: «OpenCortina is a completely innovative project on a national level, destined to play an important role in the development of sports events globally, not least in virtue of its benefits to the public sector. The use of the most advanced digital technologies, such as Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, has made it possible to manage this complex and strategically important project, for Italy and for the world of sport, with the outmost efficiency, transparency, and security. We hope this project can be replicated in the future, guiding the management of many other sports events that require coordination and rigour in a context of optimal efficiency and simplification».

The platform combines several concepts of true digital transformation, such as ease of use, thanks to a well-known user experience such as the Microsoft 365 suite and the Power Platform, organisation of information in a common Cloud data environment, with the flexibility of managing both structured data and multimedia elements, always available and protected with the highest security standards, and an Artificial Intelligence engine that combines aspects of Machine Learning for the analysis of information with others of Deep Learning for the extraction of key content from documents or images.

Efficiency, speed, savings. And control. In December, the latter led to the signing of a Protocol between the Prefecture of Belluno and the Public Works Commissioner. Toniolo explains: «OpenCortina has also proved to be a valuable tool to monitor aspects linked to the sustainability and legality of public works. It operates in close collaboration with the Prefecture of Belluno and the Contracting Authorities of the Province of Belluno, ANAS and Fondazione Cortina 2021. The platform has supported technical-administrative effectiveness by allowing constant monitoring to avoid infiltration of organized crime. OpenCortina has been made available to the Prefecture of Belluno».

Francesco Ruperto, who followed the ambitious project, adds some technical aspects: «Combining an effective organisation with the adoption of electronic methods and tools for the realisation of public works, such as BIM-Building Information Modelling and CDE-Common Data Environment, enabled us to complete all the essential works for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships on time. OpenCortina is best practice. We are sure it will be applied. It is an operational model of excellence to be copied».

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