Athletes, trainers and institutions have started giving their own opinions about the decision taken by FIS.

Gian Franco Kasper: “We are happy that we could find a solution that the Cortina 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships will be staged in during the originally planned period in February 2021 to take their place as one of the highlights of the FIS winter season calendar. The last month of efforts to come to this solution demonstrates the strong collaborative spirit of the ski family and stakeholders involved to enable this important decision to be reached”.

Federica Brignone: “I’m very happy that FIS confirmed the World Ski Championships will take place in 2021, especially for Cortina. After the cancellation of the World Cup Finals last March, in fact, Cortina deserves to have such a major event be staged as originally scheduled. They have worked really hard. From an athlete’s perspective, having to participate in two big events such as the Olympics and the World Championships in 2022, one right after the other, would have been quite difficult. I’m happy that the event will take place next February as originally planned. As for my competitive career, these last few years have been really good and I would love to achieve great results at the home World Championships, hopefully in front of the fans. I just can’t wait to be back on the slopes”.

Alex Vinatzer: “It has been decided that the World Ski Championships will be held in 2021—it was kind of expected. It doesn’t change much for me: I’m very excited to be able to compete in my home country. I’m really pumped for this event and I hope it will be great for everyone”. 

Massimo Rinaldi: “All the sports infrastructure projects in Cortina are being completed as requested by FIS technicians. We hope that everything will go smoothly and that these World Ski Championships will be unforgettable for the Italian sport and the whole country”.

Alessandro Benetton: “Our proposal to postpone the event was aimed at giving more time to the whole local, national and international alpine skiing system in order to successfully organise an unforgettable event, but we will be ready in any case and we will show that these World Championships can change the history of a region despite the current difficulties. We have worked hard and non-stop over the past few years. We never stopped, not even during the toughest months of the coronavirus emergency. The team is ready and we are completing all the infrastructure projects to be ready to host the competitions. From the institutions to the liftties, from the hoteliers to the many social and economic categorieseveryone is at our side to keep working with enthusiasm and confidence during the next few months on the road to the World Ski Championships.