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photographic projects

PETTORALI N.1 | Cortina 2021

Works and design by Francesca Romana Ghezze

Pettorali N.1 – Cortina 2021” (Bibs No. 1 – Cortina 2021) is a collection of two paintings which celebrate the worlds of sports and alpine skiing and all those who will take part in the World Ski Championships – not only the champions, but also the institutions, the workforce, the trainers and all those who contribute to the organisation of this international event.

The aim of this project is to preserve the memory of an international event, celebrate a sports success and combine the worlds of art and sport.

All the athletes who will stand on the top step of the podium, making their mark in the history of alpine skiing, will sign the two paintings. After the World Championships, one painting will be given to the institutions, while the other will enter the world of private art and sports collections.

Collection: Pettorali N.1 – Cortina 2021
Works: 2 nearly identical, white and brown
Medium and support: tempera and acrylics on wood
Dimensions: 105 x 105 x 1 cm
Artist: Francesca Romana Ghezze

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Big champions tiny scale

arturo delle donne

A tribute to the great champions and the major competitions, from 1956 to the present day.

Cortina, 1956, the first Winter Olympics to be held in Italy. That was the starting point for Arturo Delle
Donne’s project—the reconstruction of a sporting tradition on a tiny scale. Delle Donne selected some
pictures and video frames from the winter of 1956 and wove a narrative blurring the line between real
and unreal.

Because even though it is true that Delle Donne’s ‘Cortina – Big Champions, Tiny scale’ project started
from a careful selection of vintage pictures and videos, his work alters the visual perception of the
original material through a small-scale reconstruction of these images.

Scenery, miniatures, ski slopes and icy tunnels—a craftwork that turns the image into a three-
dimensional object. This is all done preparatory to taking pictures. Everything returns to being an
image, a photograph, an illusion.

This modus operandi has often characterised and still characterises Arturo Delle Donne’s work, a vision
of photography that departs from the facts.
The event is the memory of the event itself. The creation of the myth, or its recreation, has been
planned in detail to build a stage set that can preserve the wonder of something that perhaps

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OSSERVATORIO cortina 2021

A new image of the Queen of the Dolomites

Cortina d’Ampezzo is often associated with glamour and the jet set.
This universe of symbols and images sometimes conforms to the expectations of many tourists, rather
than providing great spurs and alternative ideas. Is it possible to provide a new image of the Queen of
the Dolomites that devotes more attention to the landscape and to sustainable, responsible tourism?

This is precisely the challenge that Osservatorio Cortina 2021 took up, a photography project which
aims to explore the local area on the road to the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. The two
photographers Marina Caneve and Gianpaolo Arena straddle the fine line between documentation
and fiction and manage to create a new image of Cortina d’Ampezzo.

The aim of this project, which is a valuable ‘source of images’ for the Cortina of the future, is not only to
start documenting the mountain environment accurately, but also to foster the culture of sport and a
new appreciation of the sites through a dialogue between aesthetic and advertising, nature and
photography, in the belief that new opportunities for public debates may arise from these relations.

There are seven topic areas in addition to the 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships: infrastructure,
ski lifts, mountains in summer, mountains in winter, past champions, the mountain and its countless

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