Sailer's second gold medal

The Col Druscié refuge was built in 1937. On 24 December permission was given for a sledge lift, which started operating the following year: it went straight up the eastern side of the mountain. Champions crossed the “steep slope”, while “advanced” skiers chose the slightly gentler one. The company included Enrico Colli Pàor, skiing champion from the Twenties, Simone Lacedelli, Celso Degasper Meneguto, Bepi Degregorio, Luigi Zambelli, the Rinaldo brothers, Roberto

Zardini and others. The steep “A” slope hosted the Cortina Cup in the Fifties. At the 1956 Winter Olympics, Anton Sailer skied to victory on the slope, taking the chair lift up to the starting gate. The cableway arrived in 1969 and the cable car in 2020. In the Sixties FIS international races were held here. In March 2019 it was the venue of the National Championships. Now it’s ready for the World Championship slaloms.