A straight, extremely steep slope

On Christmas Eve 1936, the sledge lift was opened, taking skiers from the slopes of Rumerlo, where cars could access, to Giuseppe Lancedelli’s Capanna Tofana. It carried 80 people an hour. It went up the Ra Pales slope then climbed among the rocks. When this lift was taken out of use, due to the building of the chair lift from Pié Tofana in preparation for the Olympics, the old trail was used by skiers and became

the Labirinti. It was a straight, extremely steep slope that became even more interesting when the Stratofana slope was created, joining it at the large “S”. Last summer Ista widened the Labirinti slope, added a new section and buried the technological infrastructures to bring it up to standard for the men’s Giant Slalom at the World Championships in February 2021.