Kristian Ghedina's first World Cup victory

In 1954 the Cortina Ski Club staged the first speed race on the Tofana slope, which was being made ready for the VII Winter Olympics in 1956. It was the first “Ilio Colli” Cup, in memory of the young skier from Cortina who lost his life during a competition in Madesimo on 22 February 1953. The first victory went to the French skier René Collet, followed by Anton Sailer. In 1955 and 1957 the local talent, Bruno Alberti, was victorious. The year in-between, 1956, the Olympic gold went to Sailer.

The competition continued until 1965. In 1966 the course was deemed too difficult and dangerous and at the last moment they decided to use it for the Giant Slalom both that year and the next. After a year off, in 1969 Cortina and its race became a venue on the World Cup circuit, which had just been created. After several restylings, Olympia delle Tofane took Kristian Ghedina to his first World Cup victory on 3 February 1990. Today it is ready to welcome the women at the World Championships.