Cortina 2021 Ski World Championships represent the opportunity of creating value for all involved stakeholders; a lasting value, well beyond the end of the event.

Since the inception of its nomination, Fondazione Cortina 2021 has been committed to environmental and social responsibility, as the pillar of the organization, with the purpose of leaving a positive legacy to the enterprises and communities operating in the territory.

In the light of making the championships a starting point instead of the finishing line, on 19th November 2020, Fondazione Cortina 2021 and PwC organized an event dedicated to sponsoring partners to provide an opportunity for dialogue on the issue of corporate responsibility.

PwC joined the initiative and decided to contribute to the realization fully consistently with @PwCItaly purpose “to build trust in society and solve important problems.” PwC in fact considers responsibility to all stakeholders as a key element to develop professional services guiding organizations towards a virtuous path both for themselves and for society, and making available its cross and multi-discipline skills and expertise.

In the course of the event, moderated by Stefano Mentana, journalist, representatives of Enel, CWT, Consorzio Prosecco doc, Blue Valley, Canon, Novamont, Villa Laviosa, Conai, Almaviva e Cav, took the floor, each with the purpose of sharing initiatives implemented with regard to the safety of the territory, sustainable tourism, social innovation, increase of biodiversity and circular economy.

Thanks to the event, the participants, despite belonging to different segments and realities, shared and recognized the same objective of providing a positive contribution to society and to the territory though a series of projects and initiatives they were able to illustrate in the course of the event.

To enhance the value of the outcome of this event, examples quoted by sponsors were collected in the publication Sharing sustainability good practices, a document where the reader can range among the various initiatives and know the entities concerned, actions undertaken as well as benefits and results achieved.

Thanks to this project, Fondazione Cortina 2021 and PwC can demonstrate that ideas and projects such as those presented in the course of the event, however large or small, can enhance networks and synergies in the territory, in the hope they represent an example to be followed by other companies and organizations.