Fondazione Cortina 2021

Flash Quotes

Very cool, I’m very happy for Sebastian. We’ve known each other for so many years. We ski so much together, [it’s] super cool.

Henrik Kristoffersen | (NOR) – on joining his teammate Foss-Solevaag on the podium 21/02/2021

Second run was more my conditions but I tried to push everything I have in the second run [but] made a little too many mistakes – some small mistakes here and there, which I lost some time on – but when I stand with the medal now I’m really happy.

Henrik Kristoffersen | (NOR) – on his season 21/02/2021

[I’m] struggling still a little bit on the ice but like when it’s today it’s fine. The first run was actually pretty icy but it was very uneven in the first run.

Henrik Kristoffersen | (NOR) – on his season 21/02/2021

Amazing skiing from Sebastian [Foss-Solevaag, NOR] in the second run. We’ve been training so much together in the years that we’ve been skiing World Cups so it’s really cool to see him taking the step and now winning his second race [after team parallel gold on Wednesday] and first individual medal so that’s really cool and, yes, super happy with the day.

Henrik Kristoffersen | (NOR) – on his season 21/02/2021

It’s been a year with some up and downs so far. I know I have maybe the top speed in slalom but it’s been up and down, like I said, and I’m very, very happy with the medal today.

Henrik Kristoffersen | (NOR) – on his bronze 21/02/2021

I’m very happy with the medal. Now I have a medal in all the disciplines I ski in both the Olympics and the world champs so I can’t complain.

Henrik Kristoffersen | (NOR) – on his bronze 21/02/2021

It was very hard. You have two minutes standing before the start gate, thinking about it.

Adrian Pertl | (AUT) – on his mindset before the second run 21/02/2021

It’s amazing. I don’t know what I should say. [I] never expected that result when I woke up in the morning and I’m super happy with the second place.

Adrian Pertl | (AUT) – on winning silver 21/02/2021

To [finish] in the second run with a huge lead was such a great feeling.

Sebastian Foss-Solevaag | (NOR) – on winning gold 21/02/2021

I’m very happy about the result, of course – fourth place at the World Championships is fourth place but it was such a nice experience, and, oh, man. I would do it all over again if I could.

Alex Vinatzer | (ITA) 21/02/2021

It’s amazing to finish off like this. The slalom has been really good this year.

Sebastian Foss-Solevaag | (NOR) – on winning gold 20/02/2021

It was of course a good race. I knew after the second run salt is not my [preferred] condition. I still need to improve so I knew I had to try my best [and] it would be difficult because the Norwegians are fast on salt.

Alex Vinatzer | (ITA) - on his race 21/02/2021

I didn’t hear [much] because I was skiing and trying to focus but at the finish line, with the little crowd and such an amazing cheer-up, it’s unbelievable and it’s nice to have the world championships at home.

Alex Vinatzer | (ITA) - on competing at a home world championships 21/02/2021

January was really tough so I just had to reset, go back on little bit flatter slopes, working it up to steeper slopes to get a good run down here and I think I managed it quite well.

Alex Vinatzer | (ITA) - on his run 21/02/2021

Fifteen inversion – that’s never been before for me so it’s going to be quite different. I think it would be better to be top 30 inversion but it is how it is, same as in the first run, so maybe I’m used to the conditions.

Alex Vinatzer | (ITA) - on the second run 21/02/2021

Maybe 10 or 20 years in the future I will see my medals and I’ll remember what is behind them. A lot of memories and a lot of work.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on what she takes from Cortina 2021 20/02/2021

A lot of emotion because if you take a medal from world championships it’s always something special. So, good memories and a lot of work.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on what she takes from Cortina 2021 20/02/2021

It wasn’t easy – maybe it looks like it on the TV – but for us it was not so easy but in the end I had a good day and I have silver and so I’m happy and satisfied.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on whether the slightly warmer weather conditions were a problem 20/02/2021

It’s true that I like more cold than warm and for me it’s quite difficult to be focused with this kind of temperature. Yes, it was difficult for everybody today but it was like this. I fought a lot with the conditions but I’m proud of what I did today.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on whether the slightly warmer weather conditions were a problem 20/02/2021

Of course, I am happy. I leave here with two medals so I think it’s good.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on winning her second silver medal at Cortina 2021 20/02/2021

She was, definitely. She’s really a great sportswoman and it’s amazing to stand on a podium with her.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) being her role model 20/02/2021

I still walk away with a bronze and a fourth medal so I’m happy about that and happy to fight to get one step higher on the podium but sometimes it’s a little bittersweet because I got a podium but I would’ve liked to have felt better skiing, so that’s a little bit of a discrepancy there but it’s still incredible.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on whether she is happy with her performance at Cortina 2021 20/02/2021

I’m really proud of so much of the skiing that I did. Today, the first run, I felt a little bit disappointed. I don’t think I could’ve done something that would change the colour of the medal today but I could’ve done some better skiing that would’ve felt better.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on whether she is happy with her performance at Cortina 2021 20/02/2021

In the race it felt like flying a little bit, just getting faster with every gate and putting all the energy into each turn. Then crossing the finish line with a second ahead [of the field] it’s really amazing.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on feeling like she was ‘flying’ down the second run 20/02/2021

I was really looking forward to this run. I just wanted to ski for myself, to show what I can.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on feeling like she was ‘flying’ down the second run 20/02/2021

Yes, that’s a huge resounding yes. I mean, that’s incredible. I had planned for four races – that’s four chances for a medal [laughs] – hopefully somewhere in these two weeks I can do some good skiing.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on whether she is happy with her performance at Cortina 2021 20/02/2021

Now I have a lot of emotions but after two hours, tomorrow I start to be tired because I was here two weeks and I am quite tired. I need rest for the last part of the season.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on her physical exhaustion 20/02/2021

It was not enough. I understood that today silver medal is good.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on being a little cautious on her first run 20/02/2021

[To win] four medals is incredible this World Champs but it’s even more special to see the level of skiing that’s here right now and that everybody’s trying to push, and that’s really cool.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) 20/02/2021

Maybe first run I did a few mistakes and maybe I could [have] risked more but second run I gave everything because we are in the World Championships and everybody wants to give everything that they have inside even me.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on being a little cautious on her first run 20/02/2021

I wish I had a better feeling in my first run but I think there was no situation where I came away with anything but bronze today.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) 20/02/2021

Every day we’re going on the hill and just pushing to be a higher level. At this point in my career, there’s not a lot of things left to accomplish on paper but I still feel motivated to ski faster and especially on days like today, when I see the level of skiing that’s possible… I want to go training tomorrow [laughs]. It’s like, ‘Let’s keep pushing’. Maybe not tomorrow [laughs] but that’s the level that got all of us here, that’s the motivation, and watching some of the skiing today, it was inspirational.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on her goals following Cortina 2021 20/02/2021

Of course I wanted more, maybe to take gold today because I feel good in slalom but it was not enough today because Katharina, she was really fast. She skied perfect today. So, I am happy with my silver medal.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on gold medallist Katharina Liensberger (AUT) being too fast 20/02/2021

There are so many people in the background working for me. I can just say thank you so much, from all of my heart.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) 20/02/2021

It’s amazing that it all comes back. If you really want something, the whole universe does something I think for you. It’s just amazing and I’m so glad that I could show that today.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on winning the gold medal 20/02/2021

Thank you so much to everyone who always helps me, the whole team that does so much for me. I am just the one that shows it.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) 20/02/2021

I really, really wanted the gold medal, especially in slalom – it was so often so near and so close and [my] first time on the leader board after the first run and now I won this race and it means so much to me. It’s amazing.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) - on winning the gold medal 20/02/2021

It’s amazing. It’s so incredible. I don’t know what to say. I really gave it all today and I worked so hard for it, everything I did in preparation.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on winning the gold medal 20/02/2021

I will try to ski as fast as possible and then we will see.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on her run 20/02/2021

At the end, it’s still second place so everything is open and of course it’s going to be really tough for the second run because it’s really warm and we are there with Katharina [Liensberger, AUT] so anything can happen.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on her run 20/02/2021

When I finish strong then we’ll see what’s happening.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) 20/02/2021

When I crossed the finish line I felt like I could go a little bit faster.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on her run 20/02/2021

I really had fun and now I just want to focus on the second run, just give it a hundred per cent because you really have to push from the start to the finish line.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) - on her first run 20/02/2021

I just wanted to focus on myself and my skiing and give it all. It was a cool, cool run.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) - on her first run 20/02/2021

It looks really steep, the slalom hill. It looks even from the top to the finish, not icy, not too aggressive and not salt yet, from what I saw yesterday. I think it’s going to be salt on Sunday, and it’s steep the whole way so I think it’s a really nice slalom hill.

Henrik Kristoffersen | (NOR) - on Sunday’s slalom course 19/02/2021

I have a really good set-up for salt, but since it’s only the last part today that’s salt, I can’t use it because then it’s going to be even worse at the top than what it is. But that’s how it is at the moment.

Henrik Kristoffersen | (NOR) 19/02/2021

I don’t feel confident in GS at the moment. I’m struggling. And also when it’s three different types of conditions in one slope it’s quite bad because then it’s impossible to find one set-up that works.

Henrik Kristoffersen | (NOR) - on his race 19/02/2021

It has a better taste. I was already really happy, but I came here for the GS.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) - on how it compares to Parallel Giant Slalom gold 19/02/2021

Of course he was behind me so it was better but I’m really happy about his medal.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) - on the silver won by Luca De Aliprandini (ITA) 19/02/2021

I was so happy for him. He managed to make his first podium during the world champs, and at home in Italy, so it feels just so nice for him, and of course we are friends: we’ve been on tour for a very long time now, so I was really happy for him.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) - on the silver won by Luca De Aliprandini (ITA) 19/02/2021

It’s part of the game. It’s a tough sport for that because obviously you can make a mistake so easily. It was tough, it was really on the first pitch because it became so dark and you couldn’t ski the lines and everything

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) - on the mistake by his teammate Alexis Pinturault 19/02/2021

I think it’s going to take me some time to understand what is happening right now.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) 19/02/2021

It’s a big day for me and my home team. The first steep part was so dark and bumpy, I was trying to hold my line, my skis were fighting against me. It’s a long steep, bumpy, dark second run – a real World Champion GS.

Luca de Aliprandini | (ITA) - on the race 19/02/2021

It feels unreal. It’s been a tough day. The slope was so nice but it wasn’t too easy to ski on it so today I’m just really proud of what I’ve done, about my mindset, about my skiing

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) - on winning gold 19/02/2021

It means a lot to me, first time on the podium. I was so many times close to a big result, but always I made some mistakes. It was a dream, but in the last times it has become a nightmare.

Luca de Aliprandini | (ITA) - on getting a podium after missing out in the past 19/02/2021

But right now I’m the gold medallist in giant [slalom] and it’s just incredible.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) - on winning gold 19/02/2021

I did some mistakes and I didn’t know what to expect at the end but I saw green but I’m a bit kind of sad for Alexis [Pinturault, his teammate, who fell], of course. It would have been amazing to be both on the podium.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) - on winning gold 19/02/2021

It feels unreal right now. I can’t believe it. The second run was so tough.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) - on winning gold 19/02/2021

I had some problems but I think everybody feels not so good but yeah, it was a good run and I’m happy about it.

Alexander Schmid | (GER) - on his first run 19/02/2021

Everything’s open. Half a second [behind leader Alexis Pinturault, FRA] on such a long giant slalom is nothing so we will see. I will, for sure, try my best as usual.

Luca De Aliprandini | (ITA) - on his chances of winning gold 19/02/2021

It was like a fight from the first to the last gate. I’m really happy with my first run so looking forward to the second one.

Luca De Aliprandini | (ITA) - on his first run 19/02/2021

It was tough, the longest slope we’ve had, 20 seconds longer than our average courses. I’m a power skier, so it was fast, then I struggled when it got softer. That’s something I’ve got to improve on.

Alice Robinson | (NZL) - on the course 18/02/2021

It’s given me a confidence boost. I had a lot of trust in myself and confidence in my skiing. I think that’s what I need to bring into the next races.

Alice Robinson | (NZL) - on how her good form might be taken forward 18/02/2021

I was like… I’m not sure. Maybe if I was a second up, I would have been like, ‘okay’, but half a second. I watched the video back and I lost a lot of time at the bottom. I wasn’t sure. Fourth, it is what it is.

Alice Robinson | (NZL) - on whether she thought she’d done enough for a medal 18/02/2021

It was nowhere near perfect but when you’re attacking, you’re making mistakes and I definitely had a lot of mistakes. But I’m pretty proud of the mentality I had today.

Alice Robinson | (NZL) - on finishing 4th 18/02/2021

It’s bittersweet. It’s my best result of the season, but also quite disappointing when you’re fourth and just missing the medals. But I really gave it my all today.

Alice Robinson | (NZL) - on finishing 4th 18/02/2021

It’s really fun to compete with her right now.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on gold medallist Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI) 18/02/2021

At the moment I can’t think about anything else. But I’m super happy, and it is coming, everything at the right time. I am so thankful for my team and for everyone who helped me, especially with giant slalom, to work for it.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) - on her hopes for Saturday’s slalom 18/02/2021

I feel so great. I have no words for it because it’s amazing. I skied with my heart, with full one hundred per cent. I was nearly out of the course, and I didn’t [crash]. I really pushed and it was not easy. It was a long course setting, and I had to finish strong. I’m super happy.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) - on today’s result 18/02/2021

She’s so strong. She’s been strong the whole world champs and really the whole season. It’s really cool to watch her skiing and she’s bringing this amazing attitude, every race taking the right risk and having really good skiing.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on gold medallist Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI) 18/02/2021

It wasn’t perfect but it was what I was trying to accomplish so it’s pretty cool.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on winning silver having led after the first run 18/02/2021

So, today I was like “OK, the first run is good but the race for sure isn’t over” and I think I know better than anyone how it can be to just throw it away in the second run so I was trying to push and be aggressive and do the best I could every turn.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on winning silver having led after the first run 18/02/2021

I didn’t know what to expect coming in today because I know I can ski fast but the last giant slalom World Cups since Kranjska Gora I had some trouble, especially in the second run.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on winning silver having led after the first run 18/02/2021

I was pushing, second run for sure it felt a little bit wild from the start, I got that mistake at the bottom which cost me, but overall I’m happy with the day, it was some good progress for me.

Nina O’Brien | (USA) - on her second run, where she made a late mistake 18/02/2021

Obviously it hasn’t been an easy season for me and I wanted to give it my all today, and I really tried my best. Sometimes when you’re pushing it, you make some mistakes, and that’s kind of what I had on the second run, but I’m pretty proud of getting out there and full attacking as much as I could. I lost quite a bit of time down the bottom. I still have a lot of room to get better.

Alice Robinson | (NZL) - on today’s race 18/02/2021

I will try to get better, be a better person, be a better athlete.

Federica Brignone | (ITA) 18/02/2021

I think at the world championships there is always somebody that has no pressure and can go 100 per cent. There are some girls really skiing good from the back and the slope was perfect so they had the chance. It’s normal at big events to have outsiders, great skiers, so I’m not surprised.

Federica Brignone | (ITA) - on some later starters doing well in the first run of the giant slalom 18/02/2021

It was a nice World Championships and I’m sorry that I didn’t reach a great result for my country but I tried my best so I can be proud of myself.

Federica Brignone | (ITA) 18/02/2021

It was pretty easy. There was some space to attack all the way and there is no pitch, but it’s a good course for GS because the slope is turning and the slope is all moving and there’s a lot of bumps so I think it’s really cool as a giant slalom. Really long but really good also.

Federica Brignone | (ITA) - on the course 18/02/2021

It didn’t go as I planned and how I was hoping for, but that’s sport. It’s never so easy.

Federica Brignone | (ITA) - on the World Championships 18/02/2021

Nothing, I just slipped away. That’s skiing.

Federica Brignone | (ITA) - on what happened during her run 18/02/2021

It felt really good when I was skiing it, but you never know. I felt really nervous at the top, I don’t know what was going on, but I had a pretty good game plan, I watched a few and it looked like you could just attack the entire thing, so I tried to push and let it go, and it seemed to work.

Nina O’Brien | (USA) - on a great first run 18/02/2021

I wanted to come here to Cortina and compete in this race, 100 per cent. But the team event and a
gold medal? I don’t know, I don’t think I dared to look that far.

Kristina Riis-Johannessen | (NOR) - on her expectations at the start of the season 17/02/2021

It’s kind of funny. We always have this rivalry, you know, but we’re also good friends. So it was
great fun and it’s always fun to be the fastest, and to beat the Swedes is definitely good.

Kristina Riis-Johannessen | (NOR) - on defeating Sweden in the big final 17/02/2021

They were really strong today. They were winning a lot of runs. They did a really good job today.

Sebastian Foss-Solevaag | (NOR) - on the Norwegian team’s women racers 17/02/2021

I’m kind of speechless, I haven’t had many words after this. It’s amazing and it’s so fun to win this
with my teammates and it couldn’t have been better.

Kristina Riis-Johannessen | (NOR) – on winning gold 17/02/2021

So I have to bring that confidence to the slalom. That’s what I always do at world champs or Olympics – I always do some races before, in the Olympics or world champs so I’m not only thinking about the one race. For me, it helps.

Sebastian Foss-Solevaag | (NOR) - on competing in the team event and looking ahead to Sunday’s slalom 17/02/2021

I really wanted to do this [team] event so I don’t have just one race at the world champs, so it’s always good to start off with a gold medal, I would say.

Sebastian Foss-Solevaag | (NOR) - on competing in the team event and looking ahead to Sunday’s slalom 17/02/2021

Yeah it’s nice that we’re still a small but a strong team. We showed them that we are strong without big stars here too so it’s really fun for the whole team.

Sebastian Foss-Solevaag | (NOR) - on the strength of the Norway team 17/02/2021

I only know that if you’re in doubt of something, I’m always stopping because if you finish then I think it’s easier [for officials] to say, ‘Yeah, but you kept going’. If it’s something [to question] I always stop right away, so it’s no discussion then.

Sebastian Foss-Solevaag | (NOR) - on whether he was aware of the rules when he stopped 17/02/2021

Jakobsen went on my inside ski and I saw it in my vision that, OK, he’s going there, like falling in, and I’m not risking my health and my legs for this so then I stopped right away and went to Markus Waldner [FIS Race Director] and he totally agreed with me so there was actually no discussion, so we had to go up and do it one more time.

Sebastian Foss-Solevaag | (NOR) - on stopping his first race against Kristoffer Jakobsen (SWE), which was re-run 17/02/2021

It’s one of the best world championships for team Germany. We will enjoy it and we will celebrate it.

Alexander Schmid | (GER) - on Germany’s fantastic Championships so far 17/02/2021

Perfect. The last two weeks are great days for team Germany.

Alexander Schmid | (GER) - on Germany’s fantastic Championships so far 17/02/2021

Yesterday was a little bit pity about the 4th place. It’s OK, but it’s not a medal. Today I didn’t want to think about deja-vu and we won the bronze.

Alexander Schmid | (GER) - on winning bronze after finishing 4th in the individual parallel giant slalom 17/02/2021

It was a long time ago since I did the team event and I’m super happy that I got to do a race for the team today. It was nice to feel that you’re not so alone. It’s not so often.

Sara Hector | (SWE) 17/02/2021

We didn’t come here as a favourite team so we are super happy to walk away with a medal. I’m happy I did some good runs today.

Sara Hector | (SWE) 17/02/2021

Finally, and it’s amazing here in Cortina.
We don’t have all the crowds, the public, but OK now I have a medal so I can think to the giant (slalom) without pressure and for now I am enjoying this moment.

Marta Bassino (ITA) – on winning Italy’s first medal of Cortina 2021 16/02/2021

We know that the blue line was slower and in the red one you can go faster so sometimes you have to be lucky. I think today I was a little bit.

Marta Bassino (ITA) – on the course 16/02/2021

I’m sorry that we fight with Fede at the beginning but for me it’s like this, it’s our sport. We are fighting one against the other so sometimes you are with your teammates, sometimes with other girls. But it’s the same when we are at the start gate.

Marta Bassino (ITA) – on competing against teammate Federica Brignone (ITA) in the quarterfinals 16/02/2021

I knew I can get it but in this sport you don’t know, so I just tried to push every turn from the start gate to the finish. It’s really amazing.

Marta Bassino | (ITA) - on whether she knew she could win 16/02/2021

I just wanted to push as hard as I can. It doesn’t matter, the course. We know that the blue was tougher and slower, but I tried to push and go fast, because then we knew we’d be on the red and it would be nice to ski.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) 16/02/2021

It took a lot of energy but I knew I have it and just raced every run as fast as I could and I showed my best performance today and that’s why I’m really happy.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on the energy required in parallel 16/02/2021

I was a little bit confused in the finish line, it showed just 0.00 and I didn’t know what was going on afterwards. And of course that we could be both at the top, that’s really amazing, and just to win a gold medal, that’s a dream of everyone and a dream of mine came true today.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on finishing tied with Marta Bassino (ITA) 16/02/2021

Actually today I am just really happy about my skiing. I managed to do what I wanted to do. Of course it’s a gold, of course it’s the first one in history. But it’s tough to say something about it. I’m just happy about my skiing, and my mindset, and that’s it.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) - on winning the first ever world championship gold in this event 16/02/2021

The day started really early, we woke up at 5.15am to go to the qualifications. So it’s been a long day, but I didn’t plan anything, I just wanted to push as hard as I can, and I managed to do that, so I’m really happy.

Mathieu Faivre | (FRA) 16/02/2021

It’s just amazing today. I’m so happy with my result. To finish with the gold medal together with Marta is so great. Just amazing.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on winning gold 16/02/2021

That we can be equal first with Marta, that makes me very happy.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on winning gold alongside Marta Bassino (ITA) 16/02/2021

I’m so happy for the gold medal, it’s just brilliant. Winning a gold medal is really something special. It is a dream that came true today.

Katharina Liensberger | (AUT) – on winning gold alongside Marta Bassino (ITA) 16/02/2021

The blue course is really difficult today, it was just a bit more challenging and I definitely forgot to stay on my outside ski

Paula Moltzan | (USA) 16/02/2021

I don’t know, I like the start gates. I think as athletes we are all super competitive so this is an interesting way to bring it out of everyone and I had a lot of fun. I don’t know, I just like it.

Paula Moltzan | (USA) - on why she likes this event, having finished 2nd in the same event in the World Cup this season 16/02/2021

It’s not a tough result for me actually, it’s a really good result. My best result at a World Champs before this was 16th or something like that so 4th is incredible.

Paula Moltzan | (USA) - on 4th being a great result for her 16/02/2021

We’re pushing each other. The whole team works pretty well. The coaches – it’s super fun to work with them. The third gold medal at the world champs for us, it’s pretty amazing.

Marco Schwarz | (AUT) - on the Austrian men’s team winning three gold medals in three races 15/02/2021

Super-G was a little bit surprising for me today. I had four days of Super-G (training) this year so I was pretty lucky that it went pretty well.

Marco Schwarz | (AUT) – on the Super-G 15/02/2021

After my bronze in the super-G and two very good races today in the Alpine combined, a silver medal is good, but naturally four hundredths of a second is very tough [to take].

Alexis Pinturault | (FRA) 15/02/21

It’s better to be 0.04 behind in the World Championships than the World Cup.

Alexis Pinturault | (FRA) 15/02/21

Second place and a silver medal in the World Championships is good. It was a great battle.

Alexis Pinturault | (FRA) 15/02/21

I’m a little frustrated about the mistake I made.

Loic Meillard | (SUI) - on his bronze 15/02/2021

I knew it’d be a close battle. My goal was to give it one hundred per cent.

Loic Meillard | (SUI) - on his bronze 15/02/2021

It was really icy today, like in a normal slalom, so it was pretty tough for the downhill guys. But it was a good fight with Alexis [Pinturault, FRA, silver medallist]. Four hundredths was on my side so I’m pretty happy about that.

Marco Schwarz | (AUT) 15/02/2021

I’m really happy about that. The Super-G was pretty fun in the morning and then it was a pretty tough slalom today.

Marco Schwarz | (AUT) – on winning gold 15/02/2021

I don’t know, it’s just a lot of amazing work from the team and it’s a great generation that we have right now and sometimes if it just goes well, it goes well, and you just ride the wave.

Michelle Gisin | (SUI) – on the secret of the Swiss team’s success 15/02/2021

Chocolate and cheese, of course [laughs]. No that’s just cliché.

Michelle Gisin | (SUI) – on the secret of the Swiss team’s success 15/02/2021

When Petra [Vlhova, SVK, silver medallist] came down and [her time] was really close to me I thought it’d be extremely hard that someone can ski that close to Mikaela because the other girls had even more time to make up to her.

Michelle Gisin | (SUI) – on whether she thought her time would be enough for a medal 15/02/2021

I wasn’t sure actually because I didn’t know how Mikaela skied. I knew that I lost some speed, I didn’t push as much as I wanted to but I hoped for it.

Michelle Gisin | (SUI) – on whether she thought her time would be enough for a medal 15/02/2021

I lost my skis a couple of times and I lost my rhythm a bit and some speed there. That was too much to be in touch with Mikaela [Shiffrin, USA, who won gold] today. I think she did a perfect slalom – I really wanted to see that run because it must’ve been really nice to watch.

Michelle Gisin | (SUI) – on her slalom run 15/02/2021

It was really hard. It was so icy. On top, it was OK but then when we came down to the Super-G slope it was so, so slippery.

Michelle Gisin | (SUI) – on her slalom run 15/02/2021

She was perfect in super-G and also in slalom.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on the ‘perfect’ Mikaela Shiffrin 15/02/2021

Parallel, GS (giant slalom) and slalom, so it’s going to be tough for me but I am here to fight.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) - on the silver setting her up well for the rest of the championships 15/02/2021

Of course, if you have a medal then you are a little bit quiet and you can focus for the next races. But even if I didn’t take a medal I continue.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) – on the silver setting her up well for the rest of the championships 15/02/2021

It was a difficult slalom because the foundations were really icy and I didn’t have good feelings because I don’t like this kind of icy. But it doesn’t matter because I took second place, silver medal.

Petra Vlhova | (SVK) – on the tough slalom course 15/02/2021

Yes and no, I guess. It’s, for sure, a higher impact on my knee and that’s what I notice a bit more but I haven’t skied many days’ slalom since I started here today. So that [race] was a chance, it was a cool chance to have but we’ll see.

Ragnhild Mowinckel | (NOR) - on whether it is more difficult to ski the technical disciplines coming back from injury 15/02/2021

So, it’s fair for the whole field but sometimes it’s intimidating to go on that surface and think ‘OK, this is like going into battle’. You have to get really psyched up and do the very best skiing in order to come down fast and even get to the finish.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) 15/02/2021

For me, it felt like ‘Bambi on Ice’. It was not fun, to be perfectly honest. It’s sad that they inject it like they do – I don’t see the reason why because the conditions here are perfect as they are. But anyhow I’m guessing since they’re having both us (women) and the men skiing here they do it for that reason.
For sure, the advantage is with the slalom skiers today.

Ragnhild Mowinckel | (NOR) 15/02/2021

It’s definitely a tough slalom, the conditions are really well prepared but it’s a real slalom. And I think it’s absolutely necessary especially for the men coming down, skiing on the same track.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on the tough slalom course 15/02/2021

There are some points I can improve and be cleaner and do that better but I’d rather have that than just not throwing it also. That way, I’m very happy with the Super-G.

Ragnhild Mowinckel | (NOR) 15/02/2021

I’m happy that we decided to put this in the plan this World Champs. It was a really nice day, beautiful weather, a really great track for both events.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – on winning gold in her first start in a combined at a world championships 15/02/2021

Yeah, for sure. It was the progress that I’m looking for and a step in the right direction.

Ragnhild Mowinckel | (NOR) - On whether she was happy with her super-G leg, in which she was fastest 15/02/2021

Real name is James but I go by Jack because when I was young my sister couldn’t pronounce James so she just called me Jack.

James Crawford | (CAN) - On his name – James or Jack

I guess about five years ago I used to be quite the slalom skier on the Nor-Am tour, podiums [18, including two in slalom], contending for the overall, but since we moved to speed it’s definitely regressed a bit so hopefully I can bring back some of that old slalom skill.

James Crawford | (CAN) - On his slalom skills 15/02/2021

The snow here and the style of the hills is a lot like the hills in Canada, and the snow, so it
definitely felt a lot more like home and what we train on every day, so pushing out of the
gate it was pure confidence, (I) didn’t have a worry in the world, and with the high bib
number it made it easy to just send it.

James Crawford | (CAN) - On his super-G leg 15/02/2021

I skied well. I’m very satisfied with this run of super giant slalom but with Loic Meillard
[SUI] just over three tenths of a second behind me [in sixth] I still need to stay focused and
prepared for the second run.

Alexis Pinturault | (FRA) 15/02/2021

It was a good run. I knew it was important not to make mistakes. The snow was relatively
easy which allowed me to take risks.

Alexis Pinturault | (FRA) - on his Super-G leg 15/02/2021

I was already pretty happy with my downhill skiing and I had the confidence back already
on Saturday [when the women’s downhill took place] so I just tried to refill that feeling.

Elena Curtoni | (ITA) 15/02/2021

Yeah, we have to. Bad races come and you just have to turn the page and go on. Skiing is a
sport like this so every day and every race has its own story.

Elena Curtoni | (ITA) - on the Italian team’s reaction following their lack of medals so far 15/02/2021

The track had a little bit more space so it was best for me. I had more space to push the
turns and I think I did well.

Elena Curtoni (ITA) 15/02/2021

I put my best skiing on the slope. I didn’t have a good feeling in the super-G race last week [in which she came 18th] so I just wanted to go, like, full attack, mind free, don’t think too much, and the track had a little bit more space so it was best for me.

Elena Curtoni | (ITA) - on her super-G leg 15/02/2021

They’re both legends, of course. Hermann Maier is an Austrian legend but Bode Miller too. Bode won, I think, in every discipline. I was always a fan of these two guys and to be on the same step as them is…

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) – on joining Bode Miller (USA) and Hermann Maier (AUT) as the only skiers to win both men’s speed events at the same World Championships 14/02/2021

Yeah, that’s true. Of course, I already had my medal and I wanted to show my best today. I wanted a second medal, of course, but gold is amazing.

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) – on whether he was more relaxed after winning super-G gold 14/02/2021

I wanted to go straight. [There was] a little slipping. I don’t know what I can say – it was good enough and I’m now really proud, of course.

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) – on the middle section of the race 14/02/2021

It’s pretty amazing. It was a difficult race. It was not perfect. I lost a lot of time in the last part of the race but I was pretty fast in the middle part. It was good enough, and that’s it.

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) 14/02/2021

Today I tried to focus again on the new race and I thought at the start, ‘Christof, push now how you would if it was your last race’, because only when you say it like this would you give 101 per cent. This was my way of thinking today.

Christof Innerhofer | (ITA) 14/02/2021

It was not easy for me, especially [after] the first race [he finished 23rd in the super-G on Thursday]. I was really sad and nervous after the first race because my race was finished after the third gate.

Christof Innerhofer (ITA) 14/02/2021

The result is OK but here it is only important to win medals.

Christof Innerhofer (ITA) 14/02/2021

[I had] good training yesterday. I felt not that good at skiing on the run because it was really aggressive so it was hard to ski, more powerful, but in the end, yes, super happy.

Andreas Sander | (GER) 14/02/2021

I was really, really happy. It was a good feeling. I had this good feeling at the start. I was really in shape and I felt good so I felt, ‘You can do it, maybe you can surprise’. I felt it at the start.

Andreas Sander | (GER) 14/02/2021

I saw one hundredth [and thought], ‘Oh, oh, that could be, hopefully [a medal]. I then saw the time and we were really fast – 1:37 – and I thought, ‘Ooh, maybe. It was a good one’.

Andreas Sander | (GER) 14/02/2021

It is unique. We have it just here.

Matthias Meyer | (AUT) - On climbing the steps to get to the start gate 14/02/2021

It would be so nice if he can win this race again [following his super-G gold on Thursday]
but let’s wait for a few racers. Congratulations to him.

Matthias Mayer | (AUT) - on his teammate Vincent Kriechmayr’s leading performance 14/02/2021

I tried my best. I tried to ski very fast and tried to win a medal but without this big medal it is not what I really want. But nevertheless I try my best also for the future and never give up.

Matthias Mayer | (AUT) - on what he takes from Cortina 2021 14/02/2021

I got this bump on my outside ski and it was pretty OK with the first section and I tried to
push hard in this turn to get some speed over the flat would be very important.
But, yeah, it’s the world champs, and the first three count. I tried my best.

Matthias Mayer | (AUT) - on his race 14/02/2021

I took an early [bib] because I knew a little bit of wind was coming. Maybe this is a decision after the training run yesterday. [The course has] become more bumpy and it was the choice to start [early].

Dominik Paris | (ITA) - on his choice to go early 14/02/2021

Yeah, it’s a tricky part, for sure, and I had to do very well. In the end, I had the mistake there and I lost a lot of time. And also in the turns. It’s so turny.

Dominik Paris | (ITA) - on the gate he almost missed 14/02/2021

I am young and I am hungry for more.

Kira Weidle | (GER) – silver 13/02/2021

Yeah I did a big mistake at the second split and I always knew you could win a lot of time or lose a lot of time and today Corinne [Suter, SUI, gold medallist] won a lot of time and I lost a lot of time.

Lara Gut-Behrami | (SUI) – on whether she could have raced any better 13/02/2021

So, it was not my side to make it, so that was way easier for me to ski and be free and not have the medal in the mind. That was pretty good for me.

Kira Weidle | (GER) – on compatriot Romed Baumann’s silver medal in the men’s super-G lifting the pressure on her 13/02/2021

It’s well-deserved. She had an amazing run and she’s one of the best skiers in downhill so it’s really well-deserved.

Lara Gut-Behrami | (SUI) - on teammate Corinne Suter’s gold medal 13/02/2021

It did. It took away the pressure from my side because you know it’s always the whole team, we want a medal at the World Champs and we already had one with Romed.

Kira Weidle (GER) - on compatriot Romed Baumann’s silver medal in the men’s SG 13/02/2021

And then today was a new day, I felt really good in the morning so I just knew I had done everything I could.

Corinne Suter | (SUI) – on following Super-G silver with Downhill gold 13/02/2021

It was more about recovering because we had two long days and yesterday I was really, really tired. Today, I felt better, and I had time to sleep. It has been an amazing day.

Lara Gut-Behrami | (SUI) - on the race, her fourth run in three days 13/02/2021

Today at the World Championships yeah it’s really nice and surprising.

Kira Weidle | (GER) – on her silver medal being a surprise 13/02/2021

I always knew in downhill there were more chances [to win] and I started with a silver medal in super-G and this was already amazing for me.

Corinne Suter | (SUI) - on following Super-G silver with Downhill gold 13/02/2021

It wasn’t hard to keep pushing because when you start racing, it’s something different.

Lara Gut-Behrami | (SUI) - on the race, her fourth run in three days 13/02/2021

But I knew I could do it and I think the whole team and the whole World Cup circuit knew I could ski fast.

Kira Weidle | (GER) – on her silver medal being a surprise 13/02/2021

My run was really good. I did what I wanted, what I needed to give me the space and take the speed with me. I am super happy.

Corinne Suter | (SUI) - on her gold-medal winning run 13/02/2021

Today was two goals for me. The first one was to discover this slope for the combined and also trying my best for the Super-G today. So it was a really good day taking good information [for the combined] and also making a great performance.

Alexis Pinturault | (FRA) – bronze 11/02/2021

This slope is pretty nice because it can (suit) all the athletes in the start. There is a really long gliding part in the second section and there is a technical one in the first section. So everybody can make a great result here in Cortina so it feels pretty good because that’s not the case everywhere.

Alexis Pinturault | (FRA) – bronze 11/02/2021

In Super-G I was always around but never really on the podium in the last years so I feel pretty happy about my performance. Claiming this bronze medal is something really special and I’m pretty proud about how I handled the day.

Alexis Pinturault | (FRA) – bronze 11/02/2021

To be honest I did just watch two guys and I saw you can’t take this part at 100 per cent. You have to take out some speed but I watched [Italian Dominik] Paris and he just did it pretty smooth and I thought, ‘This is how I’m going to do it’. – On whether starting with bib No.20 allowed him to learn from the mistakes of earlier skiers at one particular section of the course

Romed Baumann (GER) – silver 11/02/2021

Maybe a little bit. I started this season with start No.53 so it’s kind of a surprise that it happened in super-G. I thought if I have a chance, it’s going to be in downhill but to make it on the first day, it’s amazing. – On whether the medal surprised him

Romed Baumann (GER) – silver 11/02/2021

It’s pretty special. It’s good to give something back. They took me when I was down and they believed in me and it’s a great feeling. – On winning a medal for Germany after switching from Austria at the start of the 2019/20 season

Romed Baumann (GER) – silver 11/02/2021

At the moment, I’m happy. Nice to start the Championships, of course.

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) – gold 11/02/2021

It was not almost perfect but today it was really tough.

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) – gold 11/02/2021

I watched the guys performing with bibs 1, 2, 3 and they all missed the gate, so a really tough race for me.

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) – gold 11/02/2021

It’s a step forward and that’s important and makes me happy and makes a lot of

Dominik Paris | (ITA) 11/02/2021

It’s very good, it’s my best [super-G] result of the season . I didn’t ski so well in super-G [in] the last races.

Dominik Paris | (ITA) 11/02/2020

I changed [it] a little bit. I wanted to push a little bit more but then I tried to brake a little
bit more and to stay on the course and make the difference.

Dominik Paris | (ITA) 11/02/2021

It was a little bit windy on the course and the hill is pretty good. They had good
preparation. It was hard and icy.

Dominik Paris | (ITA) 11/02/2021

It was a problem with the speed. You have to pray a little bit to come in on a high line to bring down the speed.

Dominik Paris | (ITA) 11/02/2020

The race is over when the last [skier] comes in so you always have to wait.

Dominik Paris | (ITA) 11/02/2020

And experiencing it like that it’s just a reminder that no matter what event I do having that mentality is always going to be more fun.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – bronze 11/02/2021

The goal is to not have expectations anyway because the only thing that does is put pressure on you and then it’s harder to produce the right skiing when you have the pressure. So, today I had moments where I was thinking ‘What if I could win?’ and then I was thinking ‘No, get rid of that’. Because it just doesn’t matter, I have the plan, I want to ski and execute that and just focus on that because it’s the only way I am going to enjoy the day and coming down to the finish.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – bronze 11/02/2021

That’s satisfying but it’s more of a testament to my coaches and the team helping me get the right preparation and have the exact right attitude here than it is you know about any of the tragedies that happened.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – bronze 11/02/2021

As much I would want to connect it and say it was somehow fate that I would come to this super-G and all these things have come together and some destiny thing, it’s not. I had a couple of really great days super-G training in the last two weeks and we came here, I had a good plan and I was able to execute it for the most part everywhere.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – bronze 11/02/2021

The things I have experienced this year and this day are actually separate. There’s been some crappy stuff happening in the year but we came out today, it was sunny, I was just so looking forward to racing on this track in super G, it’s a track that I really like and I had an amazing run minus like 10m and I have a medal. – On this medal coming after her challenging year off the slopes

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – bronze 11/02/2021

I got really pushed out wide and then I felt like one of the course crew slipping, just ploughing snow and that’s not fast. But it ended up being still OK.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – bronze 11/02/2021

My tactics the whole course were quite aggressive and it was feeling just amazing so I felt like, ‘OK, I can push this spot’ but I went over that small piece of terrain and I was a little bit too loaded on my left ski and also not quite enough direction so I had to land loaded on the left and it was something like not able to make the transition right and dive down on it so then I couldn’t stay close enough.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – bronze 11/02/2021

It was just such a pleasure to ski and I’m really glad that we were able to race today and the wind wasn’t something crazy and now we’ve started. World Champs is on.

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – bronze 11/02/2021

I’m super pleased. I had such a good feeling skiing the hill – I don’t know, I just loved it. It was just so much fun. I had a mistake but even with that I felt like it was still fun. I was just thinking, ‘That’s not very fast, but who knows?

Mikaela Shiffrin | (USA) – bronze 11/02/2021

(On whether her medal will help her in future races) I hope so, yes. I take it day by day and I will see what happens on Saturday [in the downhill].

Corrine Suter | (SUI) - silver 11/02/2021

Normally (with Lara) we have the same programme but it’s not always that we train together. Sometimes, and sometimes not.

Corrine Suter | (SUI) - silver 11/02/2021

It’s amazing. (with Lara) We train together and know each other also next to the slope, and when we can train together we can push each other so much to the limit and I think this why we are so fast at the moment.

Corrine Suter | (SUI) - silver 11/02/2021

It’s amazing especially because the last races were not so easy for me. A lot of people
asked me what’s wrong, and I started to study also a little bit. The pressure was really high
today and I was also more nervous than normal and so I’m super happy with the silver
medal today.

Corrine Suter | (SUI) - silver 11/02/2021

I took a lot of speed with me for the last part and then I just knew where I have to go.

Corrine Suter | (SUI) - silver 11/02/2021

Yes it was a little bit special. The snow has changed a lot. Sometimes it was a little bit more
soft but then more aggressive. I just tried to ski down and just did my best.

Corrine Suter | (SUI) - silver 11/02/2021

A few days ago, my technician told me the same, ‘We’re not dying any more if you’re not winning’. It’s not that it’s not important but I’m happy. I found my dream home with my husband and there are plenty of things besides that.

Lara Gut-Behrami | (SUI) – gold 11/02/2021

I also finally know how much I’m worth and it’s not that if you win a gold medal your career is worth something and if you’re not winning you’re not worth anything.

Lara Gut-Behrami | (SUI) - gold 11/02/2021

I finally have a lot besides skiing. My life is not just about if I’m skiing well or not.

Lara Gut-Behrami | (SUI) - gold 11/02/2021

It was the first time that I knew that my life wouldn’t change if I would win or not. I didn’t
ski to win the gold medal. I just skied to show what I can and that was a big difference if I
compare this year and the previous editions.

Lara Gut-Behrami | (SUI) - gold 11/02/2021

In the past, I always wanted to win gold and it never happened. Today, sure, I was nervous
and I wanted to ski the way I want and that sometimes produces too much pressure.

Lara Gut-Behrami | (SUI) - gold 11/02/2021

“In the last few days up to 80 centimetres of snow have fallen at high altitude. If it had stopped we would have been able to prepare the slope but it continued and we had to cancel for safety reasons.”

Alberto Ghezze – Sport and Race Director, Cortina 2021 8/02/2021

“About 350 people and 14 snow groomers are working on the slope, but when the machines are working, the operators cannot be there, and vice versa. Everything has to be coordinated.”

Alberto Ghezze – Sport and Race Director, Cortina 2021 8/02/2021

“The latest snowfalls have forced us to get back on the track with the vehicles. The accumulation (of snow) is huge, and the guys haven’t slept for two days while preparing the slopes.”

Alberto Ghezze – Sport and Race Director, Cortina 2021 8/02/2021

beautiful Alps, great powder, historic

Mattia Casse 30/10/20

Cortina is… adrenaline, emotions, Italia

Federica Brignone 30/10/20