Since 2018, CWT Meetings & Events Italy has been the first Italian company in events industry that has achieved ISO 20121 in sustainable events.

The compliance with this certification’s standards attests the skill to design and manage events whose aims have low negative impacts and good positive economic, social and environmental effect in the short, medium and long term, in the form of:

– Economic advantages;
– Social and cultural promotion and respect;
– Environmental responsibility.

Recently, we collaborated with the independent certification agency TÜV Rheinland to add epidemic/pandemic risk management to our ISO 20121 certification, including the health safety as the fourth pillar of sustainability of the events. Therefore, we realized – once more as the first events company in Italy – two events officially certified as “Sustainable Including Epidemic/Pandemic Risk Management”.

The sustainable and responsible management can be applied to any kind of event: from the local conventions to the big international events. An example is the upcoming FIS Alpine Ski World Championships, for which CWT M&E is partner of Cortina 2021 Foundation. An international event that focuses on the environmental and social responsibility in all its aspects, from recycling to energy efficiency, to offsetting emissions, to the enhancement of local resources.

Our path to make the event industry more sustainable started from the belief – now even stronger, because of the current pandemic – that a lower human activities’ impact cannot be just a law requirement, or an emergency to face all together. It must be an opportunity to increase the value of what we do, or the brands, products and Companies themselves, our one and those we work with, starting from the events indeed.

The capability to go on to make events even during the pandemic, dealing with the risk management protocols, demonstrates this as the best strategy.