Day one of the 2021 Cortina World Championships, presented by Telepass, and the word that best describes the day is snow.

Snow: white, abundant, and above all fresh.

Many centimetres have fallen, almost buckets, during the last 48 hours, from a generous sky here in Cortina, offering an elegant and ethereal setting for the start of these long awaited World Championships.

The event begins and, to tell you about it, we immediately decide to start with the snow.

It may seem trivial, perhaps obvious, certainly simple.

But simple things always hide the beauty of popular wisdom.
Simple things do not say uninteresting things: they say universal things, great truths that unite us in a common thought.

The World Championships have begun, and through this daily diary we will bring you bits and pieces, angles, segments of narrative to hold on to, on your smartphone, on the social networks or on the app, a common thread that keeps us all connected.
With the results, but beyond the results, passing over the news and going into the details, because every great story is hidden in the details.

A way to keep up with the life, the rhythms and experiences that are lived on the track, during a gigantic and unique event destined to boldly rewrite the rules of sports communication.

Innovation, both technological and narrative, emotional and technical, because the world championships are a unique moment within a compressed and complicated season, and they are the 15 days during which the gaze of the world is fixed here.
Innovation that brings us closer, and at the same time innovation that simplifies, enabling an impressive organizational machine to bring all the fans to Cortina with a simple click.

14 days of races, 15 in total, during which what will happen in Cortina will be constantly clicked, searched, and on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Champions with a capital C, athletes at the peak of their technical and athletic potential, young prospects that watched those same champions on TV until a few months ago.

And the outsiders, all the athletes, there are more than six hundred, from 71 different nations, who have made a profession of sport and skiing and who look to the world championships as the perfect opportunity to write their name in the history books of skiing.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they used to say.

Then young people from all over began using the phrase a little everywhere in the hope of hiding the traces of their misdeeds.

We use it too, but we use it from another perspective, from another angle, because the paradigm is overturned and tells an absolute truth: what happens at the World Championships remain at the World Championships.

It remains on the honour roll, in the history books of the sport. Available for all to see and admire.

Available for all to recount.

Nobody can cancel it.

Here, on the 120 kilometres of tracks in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the canvas of history is being rolled out, and this is only day 1.

On day one, which is actually day 2.0 because 24 hours ago, the kick-off of this impressive adventure, the task of breaking the ice was entrusted to the opening ceremony, which has always been the calling card of an entire event.

The opening ceremony tells a story, tells a vision and talks about a journey that ends, the organizational one, long and complex, and of another that begins, that of the track, that of the races that will bring excitement, and above all that will leave a cultural heritage.

Among the many things for which it is really worth to press rewind and watch again, I mention only one, in the interest of time, and it is the thrills that Francesco Gabbani offered with Futura, a miracle of an Italian song.
Lucio Dalla wrote it in 1979, sitting on a bench in Berlin a few steps from the wall, asking himself and the world what will be tomorrow.

Today, more current than ever, in a present made up of houses that have become shelters and invisible walls, Futura remains a cry of emotion and hope, truer than ever, that Cortina has chosen to launch to the world: let’s go forward together.

Today the race programme begins, a programme that actually takes a small stage delay, like the academic quarter hour, with the women’s combined cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

We will talk a lot, about races and sport.

So let’s close this first appointment by taking you on a mini tour inside the town and the organization.

Events like this take your breath away. It looks like an anthill in perfect working order, it is as if a gigantic metropolis has been compressed into a small space, embraced by majestic mountains.

A Swiss watch with the best talent in the world in every sector, from entertainment to engineering, working together, bringing the latest innovations and creating a fantastic world, suspended in time and space, like an amusement park or Hogwarts on Christmas eve.

More than 6000 souls, which in a system of communicating vessels create a perfect experience, it looks like a village, bursting with life and guaranteeing a perfect outcome.

Everything is set, everything is ready, everything is truly magnificent and exciting…. And there is no shortage of ways to experience it at 360 degrees even from the sofa at home.

So let’s close with this request: let us feel the passion and participation, wherever you are in the world, because for 14 days this will be everyone’s home.

I’m Jacopo Pozzi, the word of the day is surely snow and this is the diary of the World Championships, a piece of history, with which we’ve broken the ice and which will keep us company in our living rooms for two whole weeks.

See you tomorrow

“The Championships Diary – Day 1”: the emotions and the best moments of the day told by Jacopo Pozzi, pen of The Owl Post, on the Cortina 2021 social media and app. Powered by Telepass