The twins agreement

Years went by. The #Fanes lived peacefully at the foot of the mountain together with the marmots, who were their allies. According to the neighbouring peoples, the greatness of the Fanes was precisely due to this alliance, which had become secret over time. Only the Queen knew about it.

One day the princess, the dynasty’s last heir, married a foreign prince. She was kind-hearted and humble and decided to let her husband rule the reign instead of doing it herself. And the foreign prince became King.

One day, the King went hunting at the foot of Nuvolau, where he trapped an eaglet that was still alive. He was immediately attacked by an eagle with golden claws and which spat fire from its beak. A fierce fight broke out. At some point, the eagle said to the King: “Give me my son back and I’ll make you the most powerful king on the Mountains”.

The King agreed and the two of them formed a secret alliance: if twin sons or daughters were born, one of them would have to be given to the ally. The agreement would then be sealed with an exchange of twins.

To be continued…