The Birth of Princesses

After a while, the Queen gave birth to two beautiful little  girls—Dolasilla, joyful and radiant like the sun, and Luyanta, as bright as the full moon. The morning  after their birth, their nanny noticed that Luyanta had been replaced by a white baby marmot!

The Queen, who was the only one to know about the secret alliance with the marmots, forbade the nanny from telling the King what happened. The King, who had secretly promised to give one of his daughters to the Lord of the Eagles, was already plotting to take one of the princesses to Nuvolau so that the exchange could take place.

But a servant revealed the King’s plans to the Queen, who didn’t seem concerned. She swaddled Dolasilla and the baby marmot tight and ordered the servant to take them to the eagle, which chose the strangest bundle—the baby marmot. Once they reached the summit of Nuvolau, the baby marmot slipped into a cleft in the rocks and vanished.

To be continued…