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Applications for the 2021 World Championships and/or for other events organized by the Cortina 2021 Foundation are open: be part of a great event, you can be an important link between the different profiles taking part to the 2021 Alpine World Ski Championship.


1 - 14 FEB 2021

Preparation and first week of competitions


7 - 21 FEB 2021

Live the two weeks of the races


14 - 28 FEB 2021

Second week, stay with us until the end


There are many activities for which the help of volunteers and staff is needed, from the technical (slopes preparation and maintenance, safety, etc.), to the logistical ones, or those related to accommodation and marketing: a multitude of opportunities that do not exclude anyone, but fit all personal tastes.

Furthermore, the organisation of a great event, a project focused on the future, the environment and sustainability through core values such as engagement and innovation needs an important HR Partner. That’s why Cortina 2021 chose The Adecco Group, a leading company in Human Resources management. As Official HR Partner of the event, Adecco will be responsible for the search and selection of all staff profiles (excluding volunteers).

We are sure that you will find a way to follow your passions! The preferences that you indicate will be taken into account even if they won’t be a binding parameter. Applications will be examined on a regular basis. As soon as all positions are filled, we will close the application platform. Positions will be assigned according to the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

Applications are closed



Several thousands of people are accredited to the World Championships, so accreditation is one of the cornerstones of WSC 2021.


As an Anti-Doping Chaperone, you will accompany the athlete from the end of the competition to the Anti-Doping test, resolving any possible issue in order to make this delicate moment as functional as possible.


You will assist in media activities and work in the areas dedicated to media (press room, mixed zone).


You will provide operations support for marketing and communications activities, as well as logistics and operational support in side events:

  • Distributing merchandise
  • Providing spectators with information
  • Assisting in the preparation of the Sponsor Village


You will give information and support for people flow management; this role includes:

  • Providing spectators with information
  • Guarding a specific area and reporting anomalies
  • Entertaining the audience


Many people will come to the event driving their own vehicles although an improvement of public transportation has been planned.


When the going gets tough… the tough get going. Personnel supporting logistics
You will help with logistics and safety measures in the various areas of the event (finish areas, ceremonies, working areas)


  • Assisting with timing
  • Slippers
  • Access control
  • Team Hospitality


You will provide support to our medical and paramedical staff, also for first aid, as long as you have adequate education, training and experience in the medical field.


Do you prefer keeping warm? Would you like to have a top-notch work experience? This role includes everything, from administration and secretarial duties to distributing racing bibs, as well as assisting forerunners and athletes.


Do you want to help keep everyone’s spirits up? As a volunteer for volunteers, you will take care of all those who work at WSC 2021. You will answer questions, distribute uniforms and help with daily scheduling. You will work at the Volunteers Centre and will be responsible for organising activities, choosing the music, games, parties and in general for keeping all the volunteers happy and motivated. This is a perfect way to meet many new friends and stay all together!

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In accordance with LAW n. 125 of 11 August 2014 "General regulation on international cooperation for development" and specifically art. 27 bis and ter which regulate the entry and permanence in Italy of non-EU Citizens with the purpose of volunteering, we inform that a non-EU Citizen must present a valid residence permit for the period of possible stay in Italy.